Conditions and restrictions in respect of inputs and capital goods sent to the job worker

1) The inputs, semi-finished goods or capital goods shall be sent to the job worker under the cover of a challan issued by the principal, including where such goods are sent directly to a job-worker.
(2) The challan issued by the principal to the job worker shall contain the details specified in rule Invoice.10
(3) The details of challans in respect of goods dispatched to a job worker
or received from a job worker during a tax period shall be included in
FORM GSTR-1 furnished for that period.
(4) Where the inputs or capital goods are not returned to the principal
within the time stipulated in section 143, the challan issued under sub
– rule (1) shall be deemed to be an invoice for the purposes of the
Explanation.-For the purposes of this Chapter,-
(1) “capital goods” shall include “plant and machinery” as defined in the Explanation to section 17; (2) for determining the value of an exempt supply as referred to in sub-section (3) of section 17:-
(a) the value of land and building shall be taken as the same as adopted for the purpose of paying stamp duty; and
(b) the value of security shall be taken as one per cent. of the sale value of such security.
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