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As it is expected that GST registration will be open from 1st June 2017 so get ready to register your business without interruption. Government has been making it full effort to make registration or migration process easy. In this article we have given each and every single step to register your business under GST portal.Every person who is liable to be registered shall, before applying for registration, declare his Permanent Account Number (PAN), mobile number, e-mail address, State or Union territory in Part A of FORM GST REG-01 on the Common Portal either directly or through professionals

Following process will describe you step by step process to register  :-


In first step you have to verify the following:

(a) The PAN shall be validated online by the Common Portal from the database maintained by the Central Board of Direct Taxes
(b) The mobile number declared shall be verified through a onetime password sent to the said mobile number; and
(c) The e-mail address declared shall be verified through a separate one- time password sent to the said e-mail address.
On successful verification a temporary reference number shall be generated and communicated to the applicant on the said mobile number and e-mail address.


Using the above generated reference number the applicant shall electronically submit an application in FORM GST REG-01 , duly signed, along with documents specified in the said Form at the Common Portal, either directly or through professional.


After submitting application an acknowledgement shall be issued electronically to the
applicant in FORM GST REG-02 .


After submitting application it shall be forward to proper officer who will examine your application and accompanying documents and if the same are found to be in order than registration shall be granted within 3 working days from that date of making application.Issue of registration certificate If application for grant of registration has been approved than a certificate of registration in FORM GST REG-06 showing the principal place of business and additional place(s) of business shall be made available to the applicant on the Common Portal and a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number shall be assigned in the following format :
(a)  two characters for the State code;

(b)  ten characters for the PAN or the Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number;

(c)  two characters for the entity code ; and

(d)  one checksum character.


Casual taxable person shall be given a temporary reference number by the GST Portal for making advance deposit of tax in accordance with the provisions of section 27 and the acknowledgement shall be issued electronically only after the said deposit in the electronic cash ledger.

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